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website pic 24Protection for Your Pet with Year-Round Flea, Parasite, and Heartworm Prevention Programs

At Pet Shots we believe it is important for your pet to be on flea, intestinal parasite, and heartworm prevention year-round. Your veterinarian may also recommend tick preventives seasonally, depending on the risk of exposure. Preventives not only protect your pet from multiple parasites, but also your family.

Parasites can wreak havoc on both your pets and your family, causing serious illness or even death. Fortunately, they are easily prevented with monthly chewable tablets or topical solutions. We carry a variety of the highest quality preventives available. This allows us to help you select the preventive that will be best suited for your pet based on his or her lifestyle and individual needs.

Preventative treatment costs for our Mobile Clinic


Dogs Cats
1 year $10 $10
3 year $20 $20


Prices subject to change

DA2PP $18
Bordetella $18
Puppy Package (DA2PP plus wormer) $28
Basic Annual Package: Rabies & DA2PP $28
#1. Package DA2PP, Rabies, Bordetella $38
#2. Package DA2PP, Rabies, Heartworm Test $49
#3. Package DA2PP, Rabies, Bordetella, Heartworm Test $58
Heartworm Test $25
Wormer (for hook and round worms, only) $13
Wormer for Tape Worms Cost by weight of pet

Heartworm Preventative for Dogs

Tri-Heart Plus Heartgard
Up to 25lbs 6 month supply $30.00 $35.99
26-50lbs 6 month supply $40.00 $45.99
51-100lbs 6 month supply $52.00 $54.99

Nexgard (Dogs Only)

Weight Single 6 Months
4-10lbs $20.50 $118.99
10.1-24lbs $21.00 $119.99
24.1-60lbs $21.50 $122.99
60.1-121lbs $22.00 $124.99

Comfortis and Trifexis

Prices subject to change

Weight Comfortis Trifexis
lbs Single 6 months Single 6 months
5-10 $17.00 $93.99 $21.00 $107.99
10-20 $17.50 $94.99 $21.50 $110.00
20-40 $18.00 $98.99 $22.00 $115.00
40-60 $18.50 $102.99 $22.50 $117.00
60-120 $20.50 $104.99 $23.00 $119.00


Prices subject to change

3 in 1 (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia) $20
FeLV (Feline Leukemia) $25
Kitten Package: 3 in 1 plus wormer $29
Indoor Cat Package: Rabies and 3 in 1 $28
Outdoor Cat Package: Rabies, 3 in 1 and Combo Test $62
Feline Combo Test: Heartworm, Aids and Feline Leukemia $30


Kittens and Puppies $20 per dose
Cats $20 per dose


2-10lbs      6 pack $44.00
11-25lbs    6 pack $47.00
25-50lbs    6 pack $58.00
51-100lbs  6 pack $70.00

Cat Preventatives

Most vaccination protocols recommend a series of vaccines for kittens, with vaccine boosters given every 3-4 weeks until they are 16 weeks of age. Frequency of vaccination thereafter varies depending on the lifestyle of the individual cat, including:

  • indoor vs. outdoor
  • travel plans
  • kennel/boarding plans
  • underlying disease conditions
  • other exposure risks,
  • the disease and vaccine type being considered.

Because these factors may change over time, many professional organizations recommend routine annual examinations, where a vaccination plan for each individual feline can be decided during a discussion between the veterinarian and cat owner.

Jacksonville Community Pet Clinic; Cat Vaccinations and Preventives suggests that kittens should be vaccinated every 3-4 weeks until they are 4 months old, and on a yearly basis thereafter.

Our friendly staff and Veterinarians are available to provide you with virtually all the same services as a regular vet at a fraction of the cost. Our physical clinic(s) location charge an office visit.

Your pet’s preventative treatments may be obtained at our physical locations:

Jacksonville Community Pet Clinic-Beach

335 11th Avenue North

Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

Call to schedule an appointment 904-694-0541.


Jacksonville Community Pet Clinic-West

5425 Verna Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32205

Call to schedule an appointment at 904-337-0076.

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